Aahar : For the Vegetarian in you!!

A bit surprisingly my first food-photo-blog/review happens to be of a Vegetarian restaurant. The new restaurant on the block at Mylapore is – Aahar. Its a swanky multi-cuisine restaurant located few meters from Sanskrit college. With ground floor dedicated for Parking, restaurant is situated on 1st floor. 2nd floor is a banquet hall with its own dining space and a hint of a roof-top dining with a barbecue setup in near future, makes it more attractive.

Now let me roll out the photographs which speaks better than me.

 The welcome drink was tasty but I didn’t realize it was just plain OJ until our host, Arjun pointed it out.

We let Arjun choose the menu for us with a few suggestions from our side, and in no time food started streaming towards our table.

  Mulligatawny Soup. A pretty good apetizer and you can go fishing for the rice at the bottom. The other apetizer for the evening which I missed to click was Tomato soup.

Mixed Salad. Looks like my lens buds like it, and my taste buds doesn’t seem to differ either 🙂

Fried Noodles Salad. Crispy, cold and tasted as interesting as it looks.

wondering what this would be? doesn’t look like a veg? Tasted good and if you haven’t figured it out yet, it is Baby Corn 🙂

Paneer Tikka. Paneer was well done, but on my second bite I could just taste more turmeric than any other spice in it.

Paruppu Vadai. My all time favourite, crispy and well done, still my taste buds suggested that a pinch of salt would have enhanced the taste.

Enter the chat, Dhahi Bhel. Only my lens buds tasted it, not my taste buds.

Pav Baaji. Like.

Idlis. Softest I have had so far, and the chutneys and sambhar went well with it. Podi version was tastier and equally soft(missed to click as it vanished as soon as it was served)

Podi Dosa. Crispy paper roast with spicy Podi inside. My taste buds liked it, but my lens failed to capture the exact look 😦

Mysore Masala Dosa. Equally crispy roast with awesome masala. Felt the chutney coating on it could have been more spicy like the podi.

Enter the Rotis. Missing here are the pictures of the Stuffed butter Naan and Paratha, both  rivaling at who is the tastiest. I tried three accompaniments for the rotis, Rajma, Panchrangi(dish with five varieites of dhal) and Shahi Paneer Kurma.


Shahi Paneer Kurma. I liked this better than any other side-dishes served for the rotis.

Biriyani. Tasted much closer to the non-veg version, not the usual veg-biriyani we get else where.

Enter the Chinese(indo-chinese to be exact). Fried Rice. I would prefer the biriyani over this any day.

Manchurian Balls. Looks dark but tasted better, I just wished those were meat balls rather than veg balls.

Now moving on to my favorite part. Desserts.

First served were the Gulab Jamuns, Carrot Halwa and Basundhi. Jamuns tasted gud while the jeera lacked the thick texture I usually prefer. Basundhi hadn’t set completely and lacked the thickness (had to go fishing for the Malai). Carrot Halwa stole the show completely. Already being my favourite, it was just perfect.

Icecreams. I opted for a scoop of strawberry and butterscotch.

Lime Soda. For those who like some fizz.

Coffee. Stronger the better.

Verdict: The final bill will always weigh lighter on your wallet when compared to any other Veg-Restaurants. Ambiance is just perfect for any a special occasion dine out or even for a regular diner. Seating is very much comfortable even for a group of 10, which makes the place very much an option when you want to treat your herbivorous friends/colleagues or even in-laws. Open from 7am till 11pm is another best thing.

2 thoughts on “Aahar : For the Vegetarian in you!!

    • the blue tint is due to a blue wall decoration light sort of thing next to our table, i tried to minimize the effect in the post processing but it does linger in most of the pics..

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