Azzuri Bay : A Roof-top Review

Azzuri Bay, a fine dining restaurant spread out over the top 3 floors of Crimson Chakra, Adyar. Crimson Chakra is yet another fine dining restaurant. Azzuri Bay now has a cuisine range of Italian Mediterranean, Pan Asian and also our own Chettinad Cuisine. This time I got to experience their roof-top dining set-up. Roof-top has two dining options, Open-air and an enclosed space with air-conditioning. For a relatively not so hot March evening, we chose to experience the Open-air dining. The place has a zen feel with Buddha statues and a Koi pond, but the decor and cuisine strike a contrast.

We were welcomed with the tubed Popsicle kind, colloquially known as pepsicola, which was filled with fresh juice. Even though it lacks the original taste, it did transport us back to our childhood. Decided to taste some drinks and the Chef’s recommendation on the menu was Thai Iced Tea and San Francisco Iced Tea. Thai iced tea had a strong tinge of lemon grass while San Francisco version was heavy with mint. My pick on any day would be the Thai version. Lemon ice tea and Virgin Pinacolado were also on the table. Even though I didnt try the Pinacolado my lens loved it to the core.

The photogenic Virgin Pinacolada

Thai Ice Tea and San Francisco Ice Tea

Lemon Ice Tea

After downing the drinks, it was time for some starters. Since the cuisine was rich with my favourite non-veg items especially seafood and beef, I couldnt taste much of the vegetarian starters.

Paneer 65

Veg Rolls

Veg Momo

Veg Momos looked good but heard wasn’t upto the mark. While the prawn momos were good.

Hummus with Pita Bread

I just loved the hummus served with the soft pita bread.

now moving on to my favourite range

Mutton Sukka

Mutton Sukka was just terrific in consistency and spices.

Grilled Shrimps

My one of the all-time favorite shrimps were grilled with their shells on one side and I just loved the taste of it. But sadly I got to eat just one 😦

Garlic Pepper Fish

Seafood is never complete without fish. Garlic pepper fish was so soft and the pepper just upped the taste and experience to another level.

Not pictured here are the crispy chilli beef and double cooked chicken pepper strips, since they were served direct to our plates and the dishes were just too good with enough dose of peppers.

 By the time I got done with starters I was almost full and was on the verge of skipping the maincourse. The steaks on the menu were so tempting to change my mind. I decided to try out the T-Bone steak, while others went for other steak variants. Eventhough we wanted all our steaks to be well done, what we got were totally different. Grilled beef fillet was well done but lacked the spicy edge. While I got 2 T-Bones on my plate ,found them rather harder than what I had asked for and could barely finish them off. But sauce and the mashed potatoes made it better. Best of the steaks was the Beef escalopes with lemon. Boy, it was so soft and crispy. Chicken milanese was well cooked but few felt it had a tad too much wine. I couldn’t taste the pasta dish for the evening, Roasted chicken penne alfredo. Best of the Maincourse lot was the Lamb shin sofrito, the meat was just too soft, juicy and spicy. We also had non-veg and veg pizzas. The thin crust tend to crumble the moment we touch it, but I guess we chose the toppings all wrong.

Non-Veg Pizza

Veg Pizza

Vegetable Lasagna

Roasted Chicken Penne Alfredo

Beef Escalopes with Lemon

Grilled beef fillet steak

T - Bone Steak

Lamb Shin Sofrito

Chicken Milanese

Chocolate and Cointreau Mousse

Cheese Cake

Apple Tart

Mississippi Mud Pie

I could barely finish my T-Bones, but yet again the temptation crept in to try out the desserts. I have a huge thing for these finishing dishes and make it a point not to miss the desserts even if I have to skip the maincourse. For me it was the Apple tart with vanilla icecream. Mousse proved not to be my thing, cheese cake was good, double chocolate gellato was just too good to miss out, but the show stopper was the Mississippi Mud Pie, just awesome.

 For a weekday evening the place was jam packed, nonetheless service didn’t take much delay. I was impressed by the range of cuisine they serve and the menu is huge. If you ever get confused on what to have, I recommend you to go with the dishes marked with a “C”, which are nothing but the Chef’s recommendations.

 I’m surely visiting Azzuri Bay sometime soon to check out their offering of Chettinad Meals for lunch.

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