The French Loaf – Easter Cake Buffet

I have a huge thing for desserts, and when I got an offer to hit the Easter spl cake buffet, I was too glad. But I realized cakes and cookies can give me a high equivalent to some other intoxicating substances. And here is how it happened.

The French Loaf is one of the largest bakery chain in the country, and the Easter spl cake buffet happened at their Harrington Rd, Chennai outlet. The celebrity french chef Remy Le Goff and chef Boopesh and team showcased around 30 varieties of cakes and cookies. I seriously have this issue of remembering names of items in a buffet and added to it we are talking about 30 bakes, I was totally lost.

Chef Remy Le Goff

Chef Boopesh

I had pitched my new prime lens for this review and boy, my lens did have a field day with the prettily decorated delicacies. At the end of the day, both my lens and me were on a high due to the sugar rush. Now I’m gonna let the pictures talk. As for my tastebuds, I tried the delicacies which had chocolate and strawberry(my favourites any time) in them and I loved them all. But found Panna cotta are not my thing, and the cupcakes were little dry for me. Didn’t try the cookies as I was already full and high.

And this was my first plate.. and I could eat only one more..

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