Celebrazione : Tuscana on Chamiers Rd turns 1

One of the very few restaurants that serve yummy Italian cuisine in Chennai city, Tuscana on Chamiers Rd by Willi celebrated its first anniversary last evening. Got a chance to experience the delightful culinary celebration.

 It was my first time there at the restaurant and am very much impressed by the ambience there. As a part of the celebration a live band was setting the mood for the party. Now coming to the culinary experience, the drinks offered ranged from fruit juices to soft drinks.. delight to the parched throat on a very hot summer day..

Just one of the numerous pictures adorning the walls

Short eats a.k.a the starters were making rounds right till the end, and I missed none of them. Both the veg & non-veg variants were just yummy and we could barely keep our hands away each time a plate passed by. Also refilled were the bread-sticks and cheese crackers bowls. Never short of something to nibble on. Crowd started pouring in and being a very hot summer evening, the heat was on.

Brioche Chicken liver with caramelised onions

the tag in front says it all..

Juicy chicken delicacy with parmesan

Cheese filled yummy delicacy..

my fav.. Prawns..

Brioche Tomatoes

It wasn’t just food out there, people found their own ways to amuse themselves. We had origami demos going on, a fellow blogger and me found ourselves giving photography tips to teenagers while the other guests were doing the best they can, socialize, that is what parties are for.


Now it was time for some pizzas, meant lens happy for us.

A slice of Chicken and Mushroom pizza on my plate.. *slurp*

Fun doesn’t end there. The place does have a space between the restaurant and the kitchen where we can chill out, and we had our share of fun 😉

Nish goes Italiano on a Vespa…

Nish, Ali, Chef & Shadir

The gentleman who entertained us through out the evening.. my fav.. “Hotel California”

err.. inappropriate for a food blog, but I just can’t resist the flowers..

Time for the most delicious food.. yup, you may have guessed it right, Desserts. The spread was Eclairs, Tiramisu and a too sweet delicacy (strawberry eclairs??!!). Each of it was too good but Tiramisu stole the show and duh, I couldn’t get a decent shot of it.


strawberry eclairs??!!

Nish & Willi

Fun didn’t end here when we were just too full…

Caught for speeding.. and late for her Pizza class

Soups learns to make pizza..

making the thin base

Adds the topping and throws it into oven

and waits for 3mins…

Tada.. Pizza is ready..

Oh my, what a fun and food filled evening.

Thanks to Vipin, Willi and Tuscana team for hosting such a delightful party.

*Disclaimer: Since half of the guests thought we were from media, and didn’t want to be clicked I just clicked my friends. Sadly I couldn’t find Vipin’s pic in my card.

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