Kebab Street

Kebab Street, as the name suggests, this place is for the kebabs, but yes, there is more to it.

I was a bit late, indeed I thought I would skip the showcase. Boy, I would have missed a lot if I had just did that. Since I was tad late, I missed out on the delicious lassi fare. Our host talked about how the place evolved from his core idea of a place that serves just kebabs. Let me now tell you how to dine here. You walk upto the counter, choose your food and grab a table.. Your order will be served at your table in pretty disposable containers. Voila, that’s how it works.

Now lets skip to the food, shall we? We got boxes with an assortment of kebabs, one with veg variants and the other with non-veg variants. Although I couldn’t taste all the veg kebabs, my pick would be the beetroot stuffed paneer tikka.

The box with non-veg variants had me drooling.. Cheese malai kebab was delicious while the mutton sheek kebab was outstanding. Both the boxes had a tender roti in it to accompany the kebabs.

I restrained myself from asking a second serving of the kebabs from the first box since I was still waiting for the star of the day, the Shawarma. Yup, Shawarma was finally served and boy, it was worth the wait. For a difference, shawarmas here are rolled with thin roti and has only the delicious chicken and sauce stuffed in it. And, as it would be obvious, I asked for my second serving.

And then arrived my second kebab box with stuffed tangri kebab, a piece of grilled chicken, a barbeque chicken and a tiny mutton kebab. Winner from this box is the stuffed tangri kebab with that delicious minced chicken.

And now, the ‘more’ part of Kebab Street. They do have a rice bowl variant for each veg and non-veg. Vegetarians can have jeera rice with dhal makhani, while non-vegetarians can have biryani. And it doesnt just stop there, they also serve naan and rotis. Butter naan coupled with tawa chicken is just sooo delicious.

And now to the dessert, shall we?… We were served with this sweet, thick kheer which I felt was an apt ending to a fantastic dinner.

Our host winded up our evening with a tour to their pretty clean kitchen, and I could barely move around with a pretty heavily stuffed belly 😀

For those in and around kilpauk, Kebab Street is a must visit place if you love kebabs and shawarmas. How I wish I lived somewhere nearer… sigh!!…
Kebab Street is located on Landon’s road, which is further behind Ega theatre.

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