MainStreet : Midnight Treat..

When you are waken up from your sleep (yes, I sleep through the day)  and asked if you can review a midnight buffet, what could you say? that is exactly what happened to me, and I readily said yes, only to recall the conversation later and wondered who serves buffet at midnight?? :O Yes, MainStreet @ The Residency Towers does just that. The image I had in my mind was of an empty place as I arrived there on the rainy night, and boy, the sight there amazed me. The place was jam packed at around midnight and now my fear was How am I gonna go around clicking pictures in this crowd. Got introduced to our host for the night Mr.Rao while I waited for my fellow foodie Karthik to arrive. Once he arrived quick introductions to the Managers ensured us a place of our choice and when the crowd began to clear, we got a corner table with better lighting. Our host explained us on the buffet and the ongoing combo meal packages for watching Euro’12 matches. Since there was no matches we couldn’t have a look at the big screen and even though Combos were not available during the buffets, our host ensured we could sample a combo.

As we got comfy with our seating first dish to be served at the table was the Tortilla soup. Soup was tangy with tomato and just the right amount spices and tiny pieces of corn. I was wondering on why they had noodles in  a tortilla soup, only to realise it wasn’t noodles but grated cheese 🙂

Next was what we least expected at the table. A layered drink made up of canned juices, which I suppose was Mango madness. It was bit too sweet even to my liking (I like even my coffee to be sweeter). Then came our burger from the Combo Kicks menu. The combo is called Torres Twist, has a chicken burger, a dessert and a glass of Pepsi. The burger was good to my liking, a chewable patty and not too hard bun. Only later did I realise that the chewiness was due to a hard crispy slice of chicken ham tucked beneath the patty. Odd ball here was the dessert served. Gulab jamun with burger?? The syrup was sweeter, thicker and warm even after clicking around and jamun was bit hard. But for me desserts are desserts.

And we got another mock-tail to try. This time it was a concoction with strawberry and pineapple. Too sweet again. We were told that there are no starters served in the midnight buffet and I was beginning to think that getting a dosa from the live counter could fill in the absence of starters. We decided to take a look at the food spread at the buffet counter and there was this live band who were winding up for the night. They play here on the weekend nights, just like the offering of midnight buffet. And from the terms of Main Street, weekends are only Fridays and Saturdays. Don’t know why they don’t include Sundays.

The spread at the counter really did disappoint me, for the hardcore non-veg eater like me, there were too little a choice – Mutton Biriyani, Fish balls in sauce and a Chicken gravy, that all. But there was quite a spread of vegetarian dishes – Peas pulao, veg noodles, paste in white cream sauce, idly, sambar, chef’s spl (which according to me looked like sambhar rice), dal makhani, paneer tikka masala etc. As I was feeling a bit full from the drinks, soup and burger I chose to go easy on the spread and took some pulao, paneer tikka masala, veg noodles and fish balls. Pulao could have been a little more flavorsome, but the paneer tikka masala was a good accompaniment to it. Paneer was not too soft but spicy enough to my liking. Veg noodles was the normal fare while the saucy fish balls made it better. As per my fellow foodie, if you mix a veg main dish with a non-veg sides, it would always tastes better. Fish balls were chewy with a l’lle hard outer layer, but was flavorsome.

As I was contemplating on my second round which would have been paratha and dal makhani, we were served mutton biriyani and dosa at our table. Adding to it, we requested for the fish balls and chicken curry also to be served. Glad that we asked for them. I suggested we taste the dosa first since I feared it would loose its crispiness by the time we could finish off the biriyani. Dosa was crisp and plain. Sambhar was thicker, while the chutnies served were thick and tasty, could have tasted better with a little more salt.  Biriyani was the usual fare you get most of the places these days, lacking a bit of the spiciness and authentic biriyani, while the mutton was well cooked. Chicken gravy complimented the biriyani.

After eating through all these my stomach was full, but how can I miss the spread of desserts. The cakes I had seen earlier were gone and was replaced with another spread of caramel custard and a weird cake. As it would be obvious, I went for the ice-cream which is not a in-house preparation, and since I had already tasted gulab jamun, went for my next favourite – Carrot halwa. Karthik was kinda surprised by the portion of halwa I took, yes, I am a big fan of carrot halwa. Finished off the ice-cream scoops and dug into the unusally sugary carrot halwa. Karthik had gone again to get a piece of custard and the mexican cake (that weird looking cake). Custard was a big disappointment, it gave a burnt taste, while the coconutty mexican cake was the winner among the desserts.

I could barely move with my stomach filled to its brim, but went onto take in the lovely ambience they had. The look and feel here is a rip-off from the streets of london, with a bit old looking street lamps, and windows, street-wise counters, and ceiling made up to look like evening sky. Although from the look of the crowd it was majorly the patrons from the pub next door (Bikes & Barrels), there were families too, with the little ones running around. A nice place to relax on a weekend night with some food and drinks (they serve alcohol till 11), with a feel of being in a busy street in some european city.

Pointers where they can improve is including some starters into the midnight buffet, and by cutting down on sugar in the desserts. But then, for 499/- it is a good buffet experience on a weekend night, that too till 3am.

MainStreet is one among the three restaurants at The Residency Towers, Sir Thiyagaraya Rd.

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