Levantine Lounge : Relaxing with Mediterranean food

When you have one of the best rooftops overlooking the crowded city space with a pool, isn’t it a best setup for a lounge? Taj Club House has the perfect rooftop and they do have the Lounge too. On a wednesday evening, if you need a place to unwind with some Mediterranean food, Mediterranean music and a glass of wine, Levantine Lounge is the place to be.


Went there as part of the Diner’s club event of Chennai Food Guide. Even though I had been to the Club House a couple of times but this was the first time to their rooftop and the view and set-up really appealed to me. And the food, I’m yet to fine tune my taste-buds to the Mediterranean food, especially their non-veg cold cuts. The smoked salmon, duck and turkey were my pick from the non-veg starters and their cheese were just brilliant. Main course served was Tagine, and the dessert samplers made my evening. Not to forget the red wine which was served, paired along with the food just well enough to have me going through the courses. Now I’ll let the pictures speak.















Levantine Lounge is the open-air lounge concept of Kefi, the mediterranean restaurant on rooftop of Taj Club House. And this lounge is only on Wednesdays.

For a cover price of 999+taxes, you get unlimited starters of  veg and non-veg cold-cuts, grilled veg & non-veg, one main-course served at your table and couple of desserts along with a glass of wine/beer.

*Disclaimer: You need to have a tongue for the Mediterranean food, don’t complain that the food is bland.

2 thoughts on “Levantine Lounge : Relaxing with Mediterranean food

  1. Thank you for a lovely review and great photos 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your experience at Kefi and look forward to having you over again soon.

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