Kefi – A Mediterranean affair

In the middle of the bustling city, quietly tucked away on the rooftop of Taj ClubHouse is the serene and beautiful Kefi. As mentioned earlier in the Levantine Lounge review, Kefi has an extensive Mediterranean offering from the regions of Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Spain and Lebanon. Enticed by the cool winds, but marred by the overcast sky we chose to dine inside the restaurant, which is another awesome setup with all the beautiful lamps hanging overhead, setting a mediterranean ambiance.


On to the food, first to arrive was Amuse Bouche, which is a palate teaser to acquaint one with the cuisine and also to give a head start to the Chefs on the order placed for the starters. Here the Amuse was a slice of melon with parsley, which gave us the hint for the treat that was gonna be served. Then came the platter of breads and their dips to keep us busy. Also served was my red-wine, to be paired with the dinner, while few at table ventured to try Kefi’s special mocktails and cocktails.


Amuse Bouche



While breads were doing the rounds, came the Mezze platter with amazing starters. It had Hummus beiruti (Hummus topped with onions, tomato & parsley)Moutabel (Char Grilled Aubergine with tahina sauce), Spanakopita (Baked pastry triangles filled with spinach, feta, and pine nut), Lamb Borek (fried pastry pocket stuffed with baby lamb) and Falafel. Hummus is my favourite anytime, but  Borek was a notch above, while Spanakopita stole the show, yes, the vegetarian dish scored.





While we waited for the Maincourse to arrive, we were served Orange sorbet on a fuming (icy) bowl. Tangy to cleanse the palette, this is another way to give the kitchen a few minutes to get your maincourse ready to be served. Maincourse was Aushak (Homemade leek ravioli sautéed mushroom and fennel)  and Pollo al chilindrón (Corn fed chicken with sweet paprika, red pepper, tomato). Chicken was juicy and tender, for once I ate chicken with a knife and fork pretty easily. The corn stuffing was amazing. On the other hand, Ravioli was absolutely delectable. 




Pollo al chilindrón

Pollo al chilindrón

Next on line was the dessert platter, which had Baklava, Almond cake with coconut, Oreo Chocolate Pie, and Fig & Fruits. No guesses, Baklava was the winner, with choco pie coming really close along with the almond cake. Along came a shot of Ouzo, This was supposed to be had in between the desserts, to break the sweetness. Made from Star-Anise, this was an entirely new assualt to my tastebuds. Wine + Ouzo + Desserts = Paradise.



To end the meal, we were served Turkish coffee. Warned not to have without sugar, but still I found it not so bitter, just right for my taste.



Getting ready

Getting ready

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

I was so happy with the meal, and followed the tradition of “breaking the plate”. Yes, if you are really happy about the experience, you can choose to break the plate, but not the one you had on your table. Tell your wish to the staff, they will give you the plate and show you where to break it.

Watcha waiting for? Go ahead and experience the exotics of the mediterranean.

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