Hot Breads – Fondant Cakes

Hot Breads has been here for quite some time and has been popular for their cakes, bakes and snacks. I had ordered my first ever Chocolate Truffle cake for a friend’s birthday from one of the Hot Breads outlet, and it was a hit. Nope, I’m not writing this post for a jog down the memory lane. Hot Breads has now brought into retail “Fondant Cakes”. The concept which was until now, very very popular among the home bakers, now has been brought to a wide spread retail by Hot Breads. I was invited to sample few of these delicious creations which are hitting the stores specially for this Valentine’s Day. Chocolate cake (blue) and Red velvet (white heart) were excellent, while the red velvet cupcakes with their cream cheese frosting were yummy. The pricing of these cakes starts from 1000rs a KG depending on the shapes and art-works. Also available to buy are marker pens with edible inks of various colors, to write those special handwritten notes on the cakes to your dear ones.  Enough of me yapping, as usual, I’m letting my lens do the rest of the honors. Also, head over to Hot Breads’ Facebook Page to participate in their Valentine’s day contest to win exciting prizes.. IMG_4737IMG_4695 IMG_4702 IMG_4706 IMG_4708IMG_4756

PS: Fondant is made from so much of sugar, and yes, that is why the fondant is tooooo sweet. Please don’t tell me that these cakes were too sweet.

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