Apart from eating out and food photography, Do I cook?? I would like to say I know to cook simple stuff. Staying alone hasn’t pushed me to venture into cooking, ‘cos I find cooking for one person is kinda boring. Why am I ranting out this?? here is why,I was invited to get the first hand experience on how a session would be at Foodology.

Now, what is Foodology? Foodology is this pretty new place in Adyar, by Shree Periakaruppan, where she teaches you how to cook, cuisine specific dishes as per your choice, during the weekend. Not only do you cook, you eat what you cook. And don’t worry, Shree is an excellent instructor. How can I guarantee that? simple, she made me cook Thai food and it turned out well.. 😀

Neatly decked up place. Separate workstations for cutting/prepping , cooking and dining. Colorful cutting boards and knifes, heavy duty induction compatible cookware, this place is nothing short of a MasterChef class. I was there for a Thai session, and we started off by preparing a Tropical green colada. This was easy for me. Mixing lemon juice, cucumber juice, mint, ginger and soda,.. pretty easy right?



Tropical Green Colada

Moving on to next items, I was asked to cut chicken and bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots were okay, but chicken??? not easy as I thought it would be.  First on the list was Tom Kha soup. All the ingredients were laid out as needed and we just had to follow the instructions from Shree. This was the first time for me cooking anything this big, yeah I had never made a real soup before. It was all a breeze following the precise instructions and within few mins I was done with my first ever soup.


Prepping up chicken and bamboo shoots


my first ever soup.. Tom Kha chicken soup.

Now it was time for the Thai green chicken curry. Again, curry paste and all the other ingredients were laid out in a precise manner. Also to note, this was the first time I was using coconut milk in cooking something other than paayasam.


Thai Green curry in the making..


Another phase of Thai Green curry in the making..

For the dessert, it was sauteed pineapple with butter and brownsugar. When done, cinnamon sugar and grated coconut sprinkled on top and served with yogurt. Being the Dessert Guy, I couldn’t believe I made that yummy dish..


Pineapple Dessert

After finishing up, it was time to taste one’s own cooking. I didn’t do that badly as I expected. All thanks to Shree, finally I cooked chicken!!! believe me, my mom was happy when I told her that I learnt to cook chicken.. 😀


Dinner time!!!


If you are ready to learn how to cook ,  visit .



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