Namma Saapadu, from Paprika – Courtyard by Marriott

With a mix of all cuisines across the state and tag lined “Tasteful Tamilnadu” is Namma Saapadu food festival at Paprika. Decor set to reflect a bit of Tamilnadu, staff dressed in Veshti-Sattai and classical music humming out of the sound system did take me to a Saapadu Pandhal feel.

Coming to food, it is a buffet setup with dishes from various regions of the state. Dishes doesn’t just mean starters, main course and desserts. The spread included a broad spectrum of vathals, podis and pickles. Got to sample a few, pickles were spicy and vathals were just right. Shrimps used in the pickle could have been dried a little more.

Starters were served at the table. Bhajji was regular, Quail fry and vazhaipoo vadai was good. I liked thalicha kozhi and uppu kari pirattal. Rava fish was too soft inside. Sous Chef Sathish Reddy was kind enough to take us around and explain the dishes. From how he explained even the very minute details, we knew how much work has gone into prepping and making all the dishes, right from vathals to paayasam. After the tour, it was time for main-course. I tried kozhi biriyani, Chicken Kothu parotta, urulai vengaya podimas, shrimp pickle and kathirikkai chops. Biriyani was usual, mild spicy fare. Wish chicken kothu parotta was little less dry and kathirikkai chops a bit more spicy. My favourite among the lot was urulai vengaya podimas. There is a separate live counter setup for parotta and idiyappam, with sides saalna and paaya. Also served in the buffet are pizza and couple of continental dishes for the International guests at the hotel.

Now coming to my favorite part, desserts. Makkan peda was my pick from the lot. Also found in the lot was jilebi, laddu and few cakes. Main attraction in the dessert section were elaneer paayasam and paruppu paayasam. Wish both were a bit more thicker.

Now enough of my banter, let the pictures tell you the experience.



Quail fry




Vazhaipoo vadai


Thalicha kozhi


Uppu Kari piratel


Rava fish


lotus stem vathal




Shrimp Pickle


Assortment of Podis


Assortmentn of Vathals


Kozhi Biriyani


Chicken kothu parotta


Urulai vengaya podimas


Kathirikai chops


Makkan peda


Elaneer Paayasam


Namma Saapadu spread is priced at 1250/-, 8th – 17th August, 7pm -11pm.  There will be live art performances during the weekend.

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