Spice29 – A spicy twist to Dewberry’s

When someone says renovation, they mostly renovate the decor. But when Dewberry’s opened after renovation as Spice29 not only did they add another dining area, they gave a huge spicy renovation to their continental menu. Many South Indian and few other Indian dishes have been added to the menu. I got to sample the yummy dishes via Chennai Food Guide’s showcase.

Spice29 has 3 dining area, two indoors and one outdoors. We preferred one of the inner dining spaces owing to the sultry Chennai weather on a Sunday afternoon.  Kavitha & Ajay (owners) briefed us on the renovation and the dishes.

First to arrive were Uslampatti ghee roast and Tandoori chicken. Tandoori was the usual fare, but the uslampatti ghee roast was delicious. Next up were Karaikudi spiced winglet popons with cheese, nut stuffed panneer and malai broccoli. I liked all the three, special mention goes to malai broccoli, it was divine. Yes, for a difference the hardcore carnivore in me went gaga over broccoli. And then came one more delicious prep, mushroom capuccino. Finishing up the starters line up were the mumbai style onion bhajiya and chennai meen varuval. I found the meen varuval a bit tangy, and bhajiya was good.

Cleansing the tastebuds with a lime-mint cooler, we waited for the main-courses. There was a lineup of Indian bread baskets, Appam, veg stew and lamb shank roganjosh. Appam and the veg stew was good and my favorite of the bunch were the combo of appam with shank roganjosh. I was already full and looking towards the dessert and wasn’t let down. Dessert for our menu was Elaneer payasam. It was a bit too sweet, but right for my palette.

Enough words, lemme roll out the pictures.


Mushroom cappuccino


Karaikudi spiced winglet popons with cheese


Tandoori chicken


Mumbai style onion bhajia


Malai Broccoli


Nut stuffed paneer


Uslampatti ghee roast


Chennai Meen varuval


Appam + Vegetable stew


Lamb shank roganjosh


Elaneer Payasam

If you are looking for a place to relax on a late noon or a outdoor evening with some yummy spicy fare, Spice29 is the place to be.

Spice 29: 6/29 Rajasekaran Street, Mylapore || Price for two will be 1000 aprx.

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