Aamliciously, Khandani Rajdhani

Summer is quite special for everyone. Not for the heat, but for the Mangoes.

What happens when mango is the flavour of most the dishes? one word, Awesome.

Khandani Rajdhani, the famous place for sumptuous vegetarian thali offerings, made the mango twist to every possible dish and what we have is brilliantly Aamlicious.

This was my first ever visit to a Rajdhani and wasn’t aware that I was in for a treat. what was running through my mind was that, it’s a veg thali place serving Rajasthani and Gujarati food. Yes it was, but what stumped me is their service. Right from the moment you enter the place, you get pampered with their polite and swift service.

Beginning with a drink of aam panna, I never noticed how many dishes came over or how much I ate. I just had to stop eating when I felt stuffed to the brink. Since I was having the special mango festival menu (till mid-june), every other dish had the aamlicious twist. Dishes that were served include Mango Jalebi, Mango Dal Dhokli, Fajeto, Raw Mango & Onion Bhajia, Mango Pulao, Goonda Kairi, Mango Curry, Aam ki Lunjee, Raw Mango Samosa, Mango Pulao, Mango Curry, Raw Mango Raita, Amrakhand, Aamras-Poori and amongst others dishes & accompaniments like Kairi Chutney and Mango pickles.

Now let your eyes feast.

rajdhani-1 rajdhani-2 rajdhani-3 rajdhani-4 rajdhani-5 rajdhani-6 rajdhani-7 rajdhani-8 rajdhani-9 rajdhani-10 rajdhani-11 rajdhani-13

Just visit the place with an empty stomach, ready to get stuffed, and devour the aamlicious offering. On a regular day, just replace aamlicious with yummilicious.

Warning: Veg-only offerings from Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Where? : Khandani Rajdhani outlets here in Chennai are at Phoenix Market City and Express Avenue Mall

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